Sep HOW DO I INSTALL MY MOBILE PRESETS? 1. Harness. DNG file two. Find the”…” or”arrow up” button right and push, find Open using Lightroom or Send copy into Lightroom, etc. 3. If you don’t have this choice Save . DNG document as image in your camera roll. 4. Open the Lightroom CC App and Click’Add Image’ button and then insert the document. It’ll appear as an image. 5. Open the image > Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner > Just click’Create Preset’ > Name your preset > Save . Return to Home Page on your App. Insert your own photo and start it. In the Edit Mode scroll the bottom panel to’Presets’ >’User Presets’ > Just click on the preset you’ve created. I DON’T HAVE A COMPUTER! CAN I DOWNLOAD FROM MY PHONE DIRECTLY? Yes sure. Just be careful you are in the right section of the shop, I have 2 sections. One for Mobile and the other one for desktop version of Lightroom. Up today, Etsy doesn’t support downloading electronic files through Etsy App. Please download via one of Top 40 VSCO Lightroom Presets You Will Love 2 these options: 1 ). Visit your email and click on’View Your Documents on Etsy’ in the email received from Etsy. Login to a Etsy account (if you have one). You will understand the links to your own documents in the base of the page. 2. Login to a Etsy account through Safari or even Google Chrome browser on your mobile phone. Click in Your Account (a ring in the upper right corner) > Purchases and Reviews > Your Purchase >’Download Files’. You will see the links to your own files at the bottom of the webpage. WHEN AND WHERE WILL THE DOWNLOAD BE AVAILABLE? It will be accessible within a few moments after purchase! You’ll find the download link in your Etsy account, or there’s also a connection in the receipt email. It is possible to access your downloads from heading to your Etsy Account > Purchases and Reviews> Just click the download button beside the bought item. After your order you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail such as a download link. By clicking the link that you immediately begin to download files on your phone