right a winning scholarship si [Music] hello Maya here and I will be answering more of your scholarship questions okay so today’s question is about scholarship essays and scholarship letters what do you do to get the best one and what do you do to stand out in a pool in a large pool of applicants okay so I have five steps for you the first step is to tell your story so explain to the selection committee the people who are reading your essays explain to them what has happened in your life up until now to make you want this scholarship why do you need this scholarship mmm paint a picture tell a story then explain what you have done in your life to deserve two scholarship have you been volunteering have you been giving back to others why should they give you the scholarship out of all the other students who are playing okay number two step two would be to show how you will better serve others with the resources and skills you will gain from the scholarship program so I’ll tell you a little secret scholarship committees love to see students who give back to their communities and who serve others nobody wants to give money to a self-absorbed student who thinks the world revolves revolves around them so explain to them how you will use this money how you use the support from the scholarship program to help and support others get creative with it well and also think about what is the scholarship about for example I got a scholarship from the State Department to study Arabic and online in 2013 and in that scholarship I read I wrote about how I was going to use my new improved Arabic skills to tutor other students on my college campus this showed that when they invested in me when they when they gave that money to me that it wouldn’t just stop at me I was going to spread around you know they love to see that they love to see people who will carry on that scholarship that scholarships mission that that tradition or whatever the scholarships about that’s just one example another example will be maybe there’s a scholarship dedicated to saving abuse animals so in that scholarship I say you weren’t right about well you know how you’re going to later use that scholarship money or that relief that scholarship gave you to go volunteer at the SPCA or something like that you get my drift okay I’m step three would be to highlight all of your activities and goals relevant to the scholarships mission or theme so have you participated in any clubs any activities outside of school that are relevant to that scholarships mission again I can go back to the to the Arabic example or to the abuse animals example right and are you working towards undertaking any activities related to the scholarships mission but you need additional help right so if you were naturally planning to go and let’s say like save endangered animals you wanted to save some pandas in China and you came across a scholarship that was all about saving endangered animals you would explain in that scholarship how you had already been planning to do this in this scholarship you just came across the scholarship and now you have to have the scholarship because it’s gonna support you in achieving a goal that you’ve already set for yourself that’s an example okay step four would be to clearly convey how you will use the scholarship in your current and future work so how will this scholarship help you now and how the scholarship bring you closer to your ultimate career and academic goals what are those goals figure them out and figure out a way to tie in the scholarship with your goals make it relevant get creative if you have to and then finally Step five is to wrap it all up and to get your essay in the application proof read and edited by someone who knows what they’re doing a lot of schools a lot of libraries and a lot of universities oh I would say like most universities and colleges have some type of writing support system have some type of workshop where you can get your essays peer-reviewed or you can get a professional to look at your essay because you know you know you don’t want to have those grammatical mistakes and you know silly things that will turn the selection committee or turn the readers off from your scholarship well you know there are my five tips I hope that these were helpful if you’d like to know anything else please leave me a comment write a message communicate with me tell me what you want to know and I will I’ll do my best to deliver there’s even better information and strategies that will help you get paid to be a student and get a lot more scholarship money now with that said I have something very valuable to share with you I put together in eBook that shows you the exact steps I took to get over 1 million dollars in scholarships as a high school senior the e-book is 100% free and you can access it by clicking the link below in the description or you can type into your browser ww scholar revolution comm again you can type into your 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